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A garden is a space that is not mere exteriority, for ornamental purposes, but a multi-sensorial and contemplative experience, where light, water, plants, in harmony with the surrounding landscape, awaken the inner chords of the human soul.
The garden is the kaleidoscope, the enclosed place, through which man enters into harmony with nature and in which interiority becomes the world and the world is internalized (Kaleidoscope  from Greek: Kαλός "beautiful", εἴδος "figure " and  σκοπέω "I observe").
There is no civilization that has not felt the need to have its gardens, to satisfy some fundamental needs of the spirit and body. 
Man has always transformed his natural environment to create places to live, shaped by hand and spirit.

In fidelity to the spirit of the place - the Genius loci - through my projects, I combine shapes, colors and materials, taking inspiration from the wild nature typical of the surrounding landscape, from the elements linked to the culture and materials of the place, from the geometric shapes,

to create harmonious, tailor-made spaces that are ergonomic for the people who live there.

The agronomic, architectural and psychological aspects are the ingredients I use to create the dimension of living in a garden. Each place has its own character, its own history and habitat, so I always look for new ways to interpret and create unique and original spaces that fully integrate into the environmental and social fabric in which they are inserted.

I design small paradises on earth (Greek paradeisos> fence, park, paradise) in connection with nature and the soul of those who live there; reserved spaces for a complete existence of living and regeneration of body and soul.

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