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A  garden beaten by the sun and the wind 

The project was born from the observation of the Gallura landscape: a strong and wild landscape, saturated with colours

and perfumes; the Mediterranean scrub, with rockroses, euphorbia and lentisks, soft shapes dancing in the wind... spring, which lights up with brilliant colors full of joy and sunshine; the crystal clear sea; the wind, always constant, always present.

The spirit of the place is well represented by a phrase taken from the book "Cenere" by Grazia Deledda:"in the bright streets, in the tall houses beaten by the sun, the wind and the reflection of the sea, everything was light, joy, poetry". 

The choice of essences and the design of the garden aim to recreate a sense of naturalness and poetry through the use of curved lines, which characterize the paths and shapes of the borders. The paths and finishes are in San Giacomo granite, in warm yellow tones.  The garden was designed to be interesting in all seasons.


Private Villa


1600 m2


March 2017

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